Essie Chang


  • Topic: Create Excellent Wedding Videos with Phantom 4 Pro
  • Main Content: How to Apply Phantom 4 Pro in Wedding Videography
  • Speaker’s Introduction
    • Essie Chang is a famous Chinese director of wedding films, founder and producer of GoldenLove Production. He was responsible for filming wedding for celebrities including An Yixuan and Zhouyang. His innovative style is leading the wedding videography industry. His team is the most awarded wedding photography team and the most expensive one in Southern China.
    • Awards
      • 2017 Paris Fashion Week, Select Fashion Award- Global Fashion Industry Promoter
      • 2016 Wedding &Event Videographer Association- Best Photographer and Best Aerial Photographer of the Year
      • 2017 Wedding & Portrait Photography International- Silver Awards of Film Making and more
      • 2017Asian Wedding Vogue Awards- Most Popular Wedding Videography Brand
      • 2014~2017 Asian Wedding Vogue Awards- Best Wedding Videography Brand
      • 2016 ACGCWI – Outstanding Photographer
      • 2016 Sony Wedding Videography Contest- Best Wedding Recording Award
      • 2016 Wedding Association of Guangdong Province- Best Wedding Videography Team
  • 主题:Phantom4 Pro这么用,婚礼大片随意拍
  • 主要分享内容:Phantom 4 Pro在婚拍作品的应用
  • 演讲者简介
    • 张永盛(EssieChang),中国知名婚礼电影导演,GoldenLove Production创始人与监制,曾为安以轩、周扬等明星拍摄婚礼,以时尚新颖的作品风格引领着中国婚礼影像行业的潮流,是中国获奖最多的婚礼摄像团队,中国华南区最贵的婚礼影像团队。
    • 获奖情况
      • 2017巴黎时装周“国际甄尚奖” – 全球时尚产业推动功勋奖
      • 2016WEVA世界婚礼视频比赛年度“最佳摄像师”&“最佳航拍手”
      • 2017WPPI国际婚礼人像摄影比赛 · “电影制作“多项银奖
      • 2017年亚洲婚礼风尚盛典“最具人气婚礼影像品牌”
      • 2014~2017亚洲婚礼风尚盛典“最佳婚礼影像品牌”
      • 2016世界华人结婚产业颁奖典礼 – 杰出摄像师
      • 2016年“索尼杯”婚庆视频比赛 · 最佳婚礼记录奖
      • 2016广东婚协颁奖盛典“最佳婚礼摄像团队”

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